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How it all Started
altThe year was 1992. I was independently involved in a very successful multi-million dollar business, whilst at the same time running two companies. I had just turned 32. My success did not come easy, and for the first 12 months I worked an average of 21 hours a day, 7 days a week, often sleeping at my desk.

The growth of my company was extraordinary, that was until one day in July 1992 when I was sitting at my desk and was suddenly struck with the realisation that I had hit the “ Proverbial Wall “.

I had done all I knew, tapped all the resources I could find, and drawn on every conceivable thought I could conjure.

I had been in my new company less than six months, when I felt as though I had reached saturation point, a state of complete and utter overwhelm.

Little did I know at this time however, that it was to be the beginning of a brand new path that would alter the course of my life forever.

I began searching for answers, a way out of my dilemma and soon found myself speaking to a number of people who referred me to a personal development seminar. The speaker was Mr Bob Proctor of Canada. After completing his three day workshop / seminar I walked out with a brand new perception of myself, and of life itself. It was a truly amazing experience.

As a consequence of having completed this seminar, and of course my new found awareness, not only did my business grow 381% in the ensuing 18 months of operation, but I also gained an insatiable appetite for business development, organisational development, personal development, communication techniques and leadership skills.

In my quest for the secrets to success I discovered many incredible people from Tony Robbins, to Richard Bandler, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Michael Gerber, Tony Alesandra, Stephen Covey and many many more.

The next 8 years would see me eventually sell my businesses and travel the world in search of greater knowledge.

My life, as a consequence of my learning’s had improved dramatically due to my new found awareness in personal development and life management skills but my most profound life altering experience came as I sat in a seminar in Phoenix Arizona listening to Tony Robbins present. It was as if I were hit by 10,000 volts of electricity, “The Light“ came on.

I had an epiphany in realising that what I was watching on stage was in fact what I wanted my life to be about. A life that effectively enhanced the personal and professional quality of other peoples lives.

And so as I was seated on-board my plain returning to Sydney Australia I formalised the foundations for a training and development company that has now come to be known as Conscious Access International ...

And as they say, the rest is history ...