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Questions About Christopher PDF Print E-mail

Who is Christopher Shaw ?

Best explained in About Christopher Mark Shaw

Are CAI’s business and personal services for everyone ?

Yes. We seek to exclude no one and ultimately offer our services to all those who wish to take their lives, their businesses or their companies to the next highest level of attainment.

How can CAI make a difference in my personal life ?

 By making you aware of what you are capable of achieving. Teaching you the skills and the tools needed to take complete psychological and emotional control of your life and by introducing you to your unlimited potential.

 My self-esteem and self-confidence are low can you help me ?

 Yes. Conscious Access can help you by assisting you to identify why these conditions prevail within you, and then assist you in developing a brand new set of alternative beliefs and values that will serve you in a much more positive and empowering manner.

What training skills and techniques does CAI offer ?

Our training skills and techniques are wide and varied. From basic attitudinal assessment of oneself, to complete mind shift and reframing that will alter the course of your destiny. Please refer to our Professional Services Page

Do you offer a guarantee on your services ?

Yes. All of our services come with a complete unconditional guarantee. If your not happy with the service we provide, you will receive a complete refund no questions asked.

Can you teach me how to be more successful ?

Absolutely ! We can teach you how to achieve more in your life than you have ever done before. Please refer to our Professional Services Page

How can I enrich my personal relationships ?

You can enrich your personal relationships by first understanding yourself and what drives you emotionally and what motivates you emotionally. Then you can determine what resources, values and beliefs you need and don’t need to facilitate and fortify the realisation of those desires. When all this is complete all you need to do is identify exactly who it is you want to be in a relationship with, and what it is you want from a relationship, and of course be ready to receive it.

How can I learn to delegate duties, without being offensive ?

 To learn how to successfully delegate duties you first have to understand what your own duties or responsibilities are. Once you identify these you can then more easily determine which tasks are appropriate to delegate to others, and who can best handle them for you without risking your own credibility.

My life is going no where, what can I do to make it better ?

Life is always going somewhere, just perhaps not where you want it to. In order to make choices and changes about where you want to go, and what you want to do, you have to know what your ultimate goal is and then create a set of progressive steps that work backwards from your goal into the present moment. At this point you will have a plan consisting of progressive sequential steps that will guide you forward in the direction of your strongest desire.

What is the greatest benefit CAI can make in my personal life ?

FULFILMENT. The greatest benefit Conscious Access can offer you in your personal life is fulfilment by offering you an awareness of what you are capable of, and what you can achieve. Awareness of your true potential and awareness of who you really are, and who you can become. Awareness of where you may have been going wrong, and an awareness of why you keep doing the same old thing expecting a better result.

Can you teach me how to learn to deal with stress ?

Yes. Stress is a state of mind. A result of conflicting sub conscious and conscious thought, resulting in a set of feelings and emotions consistent with the thoughts you have chosen to focus on. Change the thought and you change the feeling. Change the feeling and you will no longer feel stressed.

How do I learn to live with depression ?

 No one has to live with depression. At Conscious Access we can teach you how to overcome and eliminate such debilitating emotions and show you how to replace them with more empowering thoughts, feelings and emotions. Depression is a state of mind brought about by the consistent stacking of unresourceful thoughts that ultimately cause a set of unresourceful feelings. Eliminate stinking thinking and replace your thoughts with thoughts of possibility!

How do I deal with my anger, and frustration in my everyday life ?

You don’t have to learn how to deal with it, we will show you how to eliminate it from your life by finding out firstly what is causing the anger and frustration in your life, and then by helping you get past it by replacing your unresourceful or negative thoughts with new revitalised thoughts that will keep you from going into that negative emotional state.

How can I deal with difficult people in my everyday relationships ?

Dealing with difficult people is all about your perception. How we see others and what we might expect of them. At Conscious Access we will teach you inter-relative skills that will cause you to manage your emotions more successfully and we will introduce you to the psychology of inter-relating with other people in everyday relationships so that you will be able to better understand the person who is communicating with you.

Can my thinking influence my heath ?

Absolutely ! If your thinking is attracting a state of depression into your life for example, then of course you are not going to feel like throwing a party or being happy. In fact if that state of depression were to get bad enough it could result in the need for medication, or the need to be institutionalised or even worse, death. So yes your thinking will indeed determine the level of health you experience. Change your thinking and you change your state of health instantly !

Can CAI help anyone, everyone ?

No. Conscious Access can only help those who are prepared to help themselves. For those who choose not to listen, for those who choose to wallow in self pity and for those who choose to hold on tightly to useless unserving values and beliefs we can do nothing but be there for them. At Conscious Access our mission statement states that we seek to enhance the personal and professional quality of peoples lives. So we truly believe that with your willingness, and our skills, you will be able to achieve anything you put your mind to, and anything that your heart truly and passionately desires. So you have to want to change your life. You have to want to make a difference. Only then can we help you.

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