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Corporate / Business Questions PDF Print E-mail

How can CAI make a difference in my business ?

Conscious Access can show you how to identify the weaknesses and the strength’s of your business, and then assist you in developing a specific set of success strategies to get you to where you want to go. This will make your life easier, your business more manageable, and it will allow you more pleasure time whilst at the same time help you develop better working relationships with all those whom you interact with.

I have only a few employees, can you help me ?

Yes. We have no restriction on numbers. We offer one-on-one consulting and counselling services as well as multiple service. If you are but one person in business we can help you. If you are a multi national company we can help you. We recognise no limitation in helping individuals, small businesses or large corporations to achieve their ultimate and most desired level of success.

My employees aren’t living up to their potential, what can I do to get better results ?

Well first you have to ask yourself why you think your employees aren’t living up to their potential. Is it a personal perception or an expectation of your own, or is it simply your desire to want them to do better ? Once you identify the reasons for you observation(s) then you can determine where you will begin to fine tune and enhance the talents of the people you have. There is always a reason for poor performance. Most times its a communication issue resulting in a morale issue. Most times it can be rectified with a simple apology or a thank you.

How can CAI help my managers be better managers ?

Conscious Access can help your managers become better managers by teaching them a set of skills that will serve to enhance their potential to interact and integrate their thoughts and expectations with the very people they interact with. We can also teach them how to enhance their ability to communicate effectively with people, thus building better working relationships and greater work place morale and respect.

On site training, what does it involve ?

On site training means that we come to you and work with your people on your site or place of business. It means we might use your conference or meeting room to present certain useful and informative information and topics to your employees or supervisors, or it may mean working directly with your senior managers to achieve a pre-determined result.

What communication skills and techniques can be learned to motivate and inspire my employees ?

Motivation is like a warm bath, it doesn’t last. So we don’t set out to motivate in the long term but rather to re-educate people so that they can use and apply specific tools and personal skills to accomplish a desired outcome without having to feel that they need to motivate themselves to do it. We show people how to manage their minds and their emotions more effectively, and we create new, well defined purpose(s) for their lives, thus resulting in sustained ambition, inspiration and enthusiasm.

Can  training sessions be tailored to suit individual company needs ?

Training sessions are almost always tailored to individual company needs. This helps us target specific issues that address the immediate needs of the client rather than glossing over the more important issues using a generic based program.

Do you offer a guarantee on your services ?

Yes. Conscious Access International offers a full unconditional money back guarantee no questions asked if you any reason you find yourself in the unlikely position of being dissatisfied with the service we provide.

How do I increase sales and keep customers coming back ?

By understanding what your customers personal needs are. By asking them questions to help you improve your service and by offering value above and beyond the expectations of your customer.

Employee enthusiasm is low, how can I recharge their attitudes ?

Recharge ? Hmm Well reframe is what we would rather do. Enthusiasm is not a permanent state of being, and so with this in mind we have to know that there will be times when employees have not so good days or have problems at home that will directly affect their work in terms of performance. Therefore what we need to do is encourage all employees to feel comfortable enough to share what ever it is they have on their mind, thus offering you the opportunity to better assist them in their times of need allowing for a quick restoration of enthusiasm.

How can I learn to delegate duties, without being offensive ?

Delegation is a learned skill that aligns itself very closely with ones personal emotions and assumed responsibilities. Delegation is not about giving away your responsibility but rather about sharing your work load in terms of importance with those that you feel you can rely on to assist you. To do this effectively you must first determine what your responsibilities are and then decide which tasks you can delegate without diminishing your own level of responsibility. One way to prevent any offence being taken in this process, is by advising the person you are delegating to that after careful consideration you felt that they were the best person for the job.

My business is going down hill, how do I identify the problem ?

Call Us. If you sense that your business is going down hill STOP ... and evaluate your situation. Don’t keep doing the same thing day in and day out expecting a different result. Identify the problem. To identify the problem you simply need to ask yourself a simple question. Is it a financial, emotional, psychological or physical problem that I/we are having. Once you identify which it is, ask more intelligent questions like : If its a financial problem, in what area(s) specifically am I/are we being affected. And then consider that if a gun was put to your head and you were asked what had to be done in order to turn this financial crisis around immediately, what would I do ?

What is the greatest benefit CAI can make in my business ?

LONGEVITY. The greatest benefit that Conscious Access International can make to your business is that of fortifying its future by enhancing it in terms of performance, positioning, profitability, throughput, output, efficiency and proficiency levels that would be fortified by well grounded, well informed managers and highly respected leaders.

What training schedules do you offer smaller businesses ?

Our training schedules are generally designed to compliment you personal and professional requirements. We start with twenty minute presentations right through to a twelve step program implemented over a twelve month period, training once a month on a specific topic. These topics can include such things as Advanced Leadership, Management Development, Organisational Development, Advanced Communication skills, Time Management Principles and Goal Setting Strategies. Please refer to Professional Services

How is CAI different than other consulting companies ?

Conscious Access International is different in the sense that it offers a very personalised service that is reinforced with a commitment to achieve ( for you ) personal and professional excellence. We treat all of our clients as individuals and we develop material that is specifically applicable to our clients personal and professional requirements and future needs. We do not close our doors at five o’clock, and we are happy to work independently with you or in conjunction with yourself or your team.

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