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About Christopher
altHello, I’m Christopher Shaw

Life for me began in a dusty outback town called Broken Hill on the edge of the Simpson Desert in Central Australia. Broken Hill was a place that had more dust than grass. A place where red dust storms would blow down the main street, and your pets were kangaroos, galah’s, sheep and echidna’s.

It was a place where we had dirt floors and corrugated iron roofs. It was, and still is in many ways, a harsh environment, but it was also a place that served to build the very foundation of my character. A place where my values and my personal beliefs were installed deep within me at a very early age.

Growing up seemed natural to me, all the way from having no running water to clothes that were handed down to me from a neighbour.

I grew and I learned, and as time passed we moved to another town, Sydney.

Life for me in Sydney was new and exciting. I was young, but delighted in joining sports and soccer associations where I excelled. I officially started work at the age of fifteen and longed for the day when I would have my drivers license. I found the courage to ask my first girlfriend out at the age of seventeen. We shared three unforgettable years together and still stay in touch to this very day.

I served my time as a Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Technician which I really didn’t like, but did it for my father. At age twenty two my life was turned upside down after a motorcycle accident put me in hospital and took away my ability to walk for nearly five years.

At age twenty seven I was walking again and more excited about life than ever before. I started work in an Auto Dismantling Yard and loved it since my passion was in mechanics. It was just twelve months later that I purchased the business. It was run down and virtually penniless taking just $200 dollars a week.

Six months later we were averaging $8000 dollars a week and things couldn’t  have been better and even though I was working 14 hours a day, seven days a week, I still loved every minute of it..

Just over two years later an offer to purchase was made on my business which was just too good to refuse and so the business was sold. I took a few months off before leasing a small factory and starting a wholesale toy shop just prior to setting up a chemical company I called  “ Bio-Klenze Chemicals “ which began its operation in January 1990.

In 1992 one of my clients was a transport terminal owned by a large international oil company. It was mentioned to me one day when I was doing a sales call that the site may be put up for tender. Well to cut a long story short, I tendered on the business license and won. And at 1pm on Friday the 7th of February 1992 I took control of my third company .

I didn’t know it at the time, but this company was to become my crowning jewel. For after only two years my team and I had taken the company from somewhere beyond a national rating where it was well in excess of site number 1500 to a national rating that saw us become the No 2 site in Australia and reflecting a positive increase in growth of 381% in just two short years.

It was one serious multi million dollar elevator ride.

It was whilst I was CEO of this company that I discovered a brand new set of skills for achieving success. A new way of looking at life, communicating with people and achieving pre-determined goals, and so in 1992 I formerly registered the company “Conscious Access International “

Thus a new journey had begun...

It was in late 1995 that I made the decision to move on from the Transport Terminal and my Chemical Company and so I sold both businesses and took 14 months off work. I traveled overseas and cleared the senses in readiness for my next project. Then upon returning to Australia I took up residence on my new 47' fully self contained house boat.

This would be my home for the next three years.

From that moment on much of my time has been devoted to and invested in Conscious Access International and feel now that I have discovered my true purpose in life. I find that all of my basic needs are met by this single enterprise.

Conscious Access has become and is an integral part of my life now. The only thing better than knowing all of this now is being able to share it with others.