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Seminars & Presentation Questions PDF Print E-mail

What can I expect from your seminars or presentations ?

 You can expect a program that will inform and educate you in the finer skills of life management, personal development, communication skills and leadership techniques. From these seminars and presentations you can expect to learn new skills, new tools and be able to identify what’s been preventing you from achieving greater levels of personal and professional success in your life.

When is the next seminar ?

Seminars are conducted throughout the year consistent with demand and available time. If you would like to register for information on upcoming seminars and presentations please send us an email by going to our Contact Us page.

Where do you hold public seminars or presentations ?

This depends mostly on the projected audience numbers. At times we will book a conference room in a well recognised hotel like the Regent in Sydney, or we may conduct a seminar / presentation whilst cruising on Sydney Harbour. The seminars and presentations are always located in and around Sydney unless otherwise booked to another State.

Who are the seminars for ?

The seminars and presentations are for people from all walks of life. You can be just one individual or you can be a corporate management team. The content in the seminars and presentations is universally applicable and appropriate for all levels.

When do you hold the seminars or presentations ?

Seminars and presentations are held almost any time but are usually conducted in the evenings throughout the week and at times on a weekend depending on the length and content of the subject matter.

Why should I attend a seminar ?

Because its the best most cost effective way to introduce yourself to personal development, life management skills, leadership skills, communications skills and a host of other useful tools that will serve to enhance the overall quality of your life, your career and your relationships.

Do you conduct seminars for small groups ?

 Yes. When a group or organisation comes to us we make available the opportunity to present a seminar consistent with their requirements. We generally state that their numbers need to be a minimum of twenty attendees.

Do you present for free ?

 Yes. We present for free at charity functions, special groups and organisations and special occasions. If you feel you fall into one of these categories please feel free to Contact Us.